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Minister Hazzard Announces Review of Planning Policies

Infrastructure Minister, Chris Hazzard, has announced a review of planning policies on renewable energy and countryside development.

Specialist research and advice consultants will undertake the review which will look at the rapidly changing technologies and types of renewable energy development - including wind turbines and solar farms -  and recommend the best policy approach going forward. 

In announcing the review, the Minister said he wanted to continue to improve the planning system to make it effective and efficient and to make sure that it operates in the wider public interest.  He said:

“I am committed to ensuring that the SPPS delivers for local communities and the North as a whole and that the planning system addresses the present as well as the long-term future needs of our society.  There will be opportunities for stakeholder engagement and public consultation next year and I would encourage people to give their views.  Any future changes to the policy would be subject to public consultation.”

It is expected that the review will be completed in 2018. 

Further details and progress updates on the review will soon be be available at

29 September 2016