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Planning Your Place - Getting Involved

The Planning Engagement Partnership, established by Minister Mallon in October 2020, brought together a diverse range of interests from across the public, community, environmental, private and academic sectors to examine how community engagement in planning and place shaping processes could be improved.  The Partnership undertook desktop research to identify good practice; and held stakeholder and community workshops to explore how communities could be more meaningfully engaged with planning.  It explored and reflected on the learning from these activities and prepared a detailed report and series of recommendations to enhance and deepen the quality of community engagement in planning processes.  The Final Report of the Planning Engagement Partnership was published by Minister Mallon in March 2022 and is available to download here.

Community Places looks forward to working with the Department and Planning Engagement Partnership members to implement and take forward the report recommendations to ensure that communities have earlier and more meaningful access and engagement with planning processes to better shape local communities and place.


5 May 2022