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Planning Your Place: Getting Involved - Engagement Sessions (25 May 2021)

Community Places and the Department for Infrastructure are co-hosting four online engagement events on Tuesday, 25 May 2021.  The sessions form part of the work of the Planning Engagement Partnership (established by Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon, to explore ways of improving the quality and depth of community engagement in planning).  All our member groups and people we have given planning advice to are invited to attend and give their views on how community engagement in planning can be improved. 

The four online sessions – each lasting 90 minutes – are themed as follows:

  • successful placemaking (10.00 am);
  • communicating creatively about planning (12.30 pm);
  • open and inclusive engagement (4.00 pm); and
  • engaging communities digitally (6.30 pm).

A wide range of expert speakers will share their own experiences of community engagement in planning, on how local communities can become involved in how their areas are being planned and how the Covid-19 pandemic has increased creativity and innovation in community engagement.  Discussion and issues raised at the sessions will feed into recommendations to improve community engagement in planning and will be presented in a report to the Minister.

You can attend any or all of the sessions.  Further information (including how to register) is available by clicking on the image below.


17 May 2021