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Founded nearly 40 years ago, Community Places empowers individuals and communities to shape their places and services through independent planning advice and community engagement initiatives.

As a charity and social enterprise, we help people have a say in how their communities are planned and developed. We provide free and unbiased advice, and we work with communities to make a positive difference to the places and services they care about.

Our Mission

To empower communities to build sustainable and thriving places through planning advice and community engagement in spatial and community planning.

Values, Beliefs and Commitments

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

Participation and Inclusion

All citizens have a right to participate in spatial and community planning and public policymaking processes and we will work to further the inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities.


We will assist community groups in developing the capacity to influence spatial and community planning issues that affect them and their communities.

Equality and Equity

We will assist and develop processes and projects which remove barriers to full civic engagement and further equality and equity for all.


We believe that a more cohesive society will be furthered by communities working together on issues of common interest and will support and assist such work.


We will work with community, voluntary and public sector organisations and with funders to provide sustainable, quality services which deliver our mission and objectives.

Transparency and Independence

We work to provide fair and unbiased advice and guidance. 
Our impartiality encourages openness, fairness and accountability.

Our Services

Planning advice icon

Planning Advice

We’re here to offer free, impartial and confidential planning advice to those who meet our criteria for free support.

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Community engagement icon

Community Engagement

Do you need support in facilitating community engagement? 
We can advise public bodies, ensuring people’s voices are heard within an inclusive and effective framework.

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Community planning icon

Community Planning

We support councils, and community planning partners to engage with communities to deliver the services they need 
and want.

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Participatory budgeting icon

Participatory Budgeting

For the last six years, we have been working to create an enabling environment for PB. Today, our focus is on nurturing quality processes, connecting PB champions and advocating for its integration across our region.

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Our Team

Louise O'Kane

Chief Executive

Claire Rea

Planner and Engagement Officer

Celine McCart


Doreen O'Neill

Projects Secretary

Sinéad McConnell

Planner and Engagement Officer

Board of Directors

Ann McNickle

Causeway Rural and Urban Network

Brendan Murtagh

Individual Member

Cathy Polley

Ards Community Network

Nuala Toman

Disability Action

Murray Watt

Supporting Communities

Our Members

If you have an interest in how your neighbourhood or environment is changing, why not join our 200-strong membership?

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