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At Community Places, we bring four decades of experience when it comes to facilitating community involvement and engagement.

Here are the different ways we can help:

Community-led Plans

Interested in shaping your local area? We can help you develop a vision and a plan for how your neighbourhood develops over time.

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Capacity Building

Call us for more details on how we can help you shape your local area, engage your community or find out more about planning or participatory budgeting.

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Bringing People Together

We help communities and the public share their comments on planning, public policies and services. It’s about giving communities a voice.

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We can provide training and support to help you design and deliver a community engagement project in your area.

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Guiding Public Bodies

We offer advice and training to public organisations to help them shape their consultation and engagement strategies. We’re here to support you to involve the wider community in the most inclusive way possible.

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Examples of our work

If you are planning an engagement programme and are eager to appoint an independent advisor or critical friend, get in touch today. We’re here to help.

Examples of our work
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People We’ve Helped

Find out more about how our services have supported individuals, community groups and public organisations over the years.

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Other Services

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Planning Advice

Empowering communities through free, impartial planning advice.

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Community Planning

Supporting Community Planning through collaboration, partnership and action.

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Participatory Budgeting

Helping citizens decide on public funds for inclusive, community-driven change.

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