Independent and not-for-profit with 30 years' expertise in planning, community planning and engagement

Community Planning


We have been providing Community Planning support to communities throughout the region for over 30 years.  Our work in recent years has included:

  • capacity building workshops to develop groups’ knowledge and skills on Community Planning;
  • mentoring and support on the production of  Community Plans; and
  • networking opportunities and sharing of good practice.


We work with councils supporting their work on Community Planning.  The types of support services we are currently providing to local councils include:

  • facilitating engagement of statutory, private and community sector partners in strategic workshops on priorities, outcomes and implementation;
  • co-design and preparation of strategic planning workshop and advice, capacity building and mentoring to council staff on workshop facilitation;
  • development and testing of models of community engagement and facilitation of community events and workshops;
  • advice and guidance on outcomes-based Community Planning and structure and content of Plans;
  • advice on Community Planning delivery and governance models.


Please see our Community Planning Toolkit which looks at the essential elements of Community Planning including Community Engagement and Working Together.  This online resource has useful tools, resources and podcasts.  



Community Engagement