The Bank of Ideas is open

April 15, 2024

Do you have an idea for something creative you would like to make happen in your local area, or even the initial spark of an idea?

You could start with an interest you would like to share or something you would like to change with the help of your neighbours, a way of bringing people together.

Get involved to be in with the chance to get up to £2,000 to make it happen, as well as other benefits like new volunteers, connections and networks. Individuals and groups can submit their creative idea for funding and the people of Belfast will decide which projects they would like to fund at a voting day in City Hall.

Lots of things can be creative: recycling, baking, walking, stamp collecting, gardening, skateboarding, sewing, cutting hair, telling stories, caring for others, music, movies, nail art, teaching languages, bird watching, hopscotching and much more …

What will your idea be?

For more information on idea generating sessions, the Ideas Form and how voting works –

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