Grugach’s Gold – Rathlin Development and Community Association

PB theme or issue

The Grugach’s Gold is the “social dividend” from the Manor House’s profits, a social enterprise on the island. The theme was ideas to benefit the community of Rathlin.

PB eligibility criteria

Part of the Rathlin Island Community.

Age to vote

No age limit

Number of votes


Example of winning ideas

  • Rathlin Football Club for footballs, bibs, cones and a storage box to help encourage sport for the island’s young population
  • Rathlin Sound Choir for production costs for a CD
  • “Seconds Away” for an away-day for the island’s secondary school pupils
  • Graveyard tidying and maintenance.

Top three tips from the organisers

  1. Do PB with the Community – home grown ideas, make it a celebration of Local Democracy in Action!
  2. Include younger people on the Steering Group and ensure meetings are organised at times which are suitable for them to stay involved
  3. Ensure a warm welcome with food and a hot drink
  4. Capture the process – we have a great video which illustrates the energy and excitement of the Voting Night

Project images

Project video

Project details

Name of PB Project:

Grugach’s Gold - Rathlin Development and Community Association




Rathlin Island

Local Council Area:

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council


PB Steering Group: Lisa Harris, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council; Noeleen Diver, Big Dish Out; Peter Osborne, Community Relations Council, Rathlin Islanders Marianne Green, Michael Cecil and Orlagh Cecil; PSNI and support from Louise O'Kane, PB Works and Alan Budge, PB Partners

Amount awarded through the PB Project: