The Big Dish Out – Coleraine and Cushendall

PB theme or issue

Local people were invited to put forward their ideas on what would make their area and community an even happier and better place to live in for all.

PB eligibility criteria

Safe, legal & feasible within the timescale and budget

Age to vote

10 years and upwards

Number of votes


Example of winning ideas

  • Harpurs Hill Primary School P7 – Equipment for inter-generational gardening club
  • Twenty’s Plenty – Speed reduction campaign outside school by parents & children
  • Coleraine Scooter Club – Expenses to travel to Belfast skate park
  • Men’s Pool & Darts Club – equipment and to run a competition
  • Happy Hookers – venue costs and refreshments for ladies who crochet
  • Cushendall Men’s Shed – fund fact finding research and set up costs
  • Glens Youth Club – Inter-generational mosaic with Cairns Residents Association
  • Glens Red Squirrel Group – purchase of equipment

Top three tips from the organisers

  1. Bring in local people to help design the PB process as early as possible, e.g. should we have a market place with stalls or use a 3 minute pitch to make a bid, and to help get the word out!
  2. Build in lots of time to explain the process and answer questions, encourage and mentor ideas …… keep it simple!
  3. After all the discussions and preparations, remember to have fun and trust the process and the community!

Further information and evaluations

Project images

Project video

Filmed at the Participatory Budgeting voting night Cushendall.

Project details

Name of PB Project:

The Big Dish Out - Coleraine and Cushendall




Cross Glebe, Coleraine and Cushendall

Local Council Area:

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council


Beyond Skin, Building Communities Resource Centre. Charo Lanao-Madden, Compass Advocacy Network, Causeway Coast & Glens Council, Corrymeela, Rural Community Network, Triangle Housing Association and PB Partners (Shared Future CIC).

Amount awarded through the PB Project:

£6,000 (10 pots of £300 in each area)