YOUth Making it Happen

Mayor Tierney with members of the team at Guildhall Square

PB theme or issue

6 Themes:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Community & Environment
  • Education & Skills
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Safety
  • Sport- Health & Wellbeing

PB eligibility criteria

Safe, Legal, Feasible, Youth Centred and in line with theme.

Age to vote

12 to 25 years.

Number of votes


Example of winning ideas

The winning ideas represented a range of themes including drama, culture and arts; improvements to green spaces and rivers; fitness, health and wellbeing; gifting; intergenerational activities; and education and skills.

  • Intergenerational Baking (KVC Creativity)
  • Westend Masterclass (Cast CIC)
  • Outdoor Dance (Newtownstewart Highland Dancers)
  • Sparkling Clean (Londonderry YMCA)
  • Over the Rainbow (EDIT)
  • Young Peoples Fitness (Ardmore Cricket Club)
  • Jon Clifford Park Basketball
  • Our Green Space (VOYPIC)
  • Coach Education & Performance Tracking (Tristar FC)
  • Lifehack Lockdown Live (Creggan Enterprises)
  • Improving Health & Wellbeing (Matchbox Youth Club)
  • Give a Gift (Bishop Street Youth Club & Community Centre)
  • Strabane AYE (Strabane PYDP Group)
  • Take Action – Make Change (Melmount Community Forum)
  • Leading Together (Sigerson GAA)
  • Recharge Me (Foyle Down Syndrome Trust)
  • Foyle Diggers (Foyle College)
  • EMPower Me (Lotus Wellbeing Centre)

Top three tips from the organisers

  1. Importance of peer-to-peer promotion of the YOUth Making It Happen process, drawing on young people’s networks and social media preferences e.g., Instagram rather than Twitter or Facebook.
  2. Acknowledge the participation of the young people who take part. For example, the Co-Design Panel and representatives of each successful group received a YMIH Certificate of Participation. The Mayor presented the Certificates to the young people at a Celebration Event held outdoors at one of the winning PB project ideas, Jon Clifford Park Basketball Court.
  3. Facilitated PB support from Community Places to help plan and design the PB process.

Further information and evaluations

Interview with Liam McClintock, representative of the Youth Co-Design Panel

Mayor Graham Warke of Derry and Strabane District Council highlighting how inspirational the young people on the Youth Co-Design Panel were and acknowledging their participation:

Project images

Project Video

Project details

Name of PB Project:

YOUth Making it Happen




8 Local Growth Areas across Derry City and Strabane District Council Area

Local Council Area:

Derry City and Strabane District Council Area


Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Strategic Partnership and Youth Co-Design Panel

Amount awarded through the PB Project: