Independent and not-for-profit with 30 years' expertise in planning, community planning and engagement

Planning Advice

We provide independent, free, confidential and impartial planning advice to disadvantaged people and communities.  This includes:

  • advising community groups and social enterprises on how to obtain planning permission for community facilities and amenities;
  • helping people and groups comment on or object to a development proposal in their area;
  • advising community groups on how to respond to consultation by Local Councils on Draft Local Development Plans;
  • guiding people who wish to make a complaint about planning procedures; and
  • helping people prepare a case for a planning appeal. 

We also have Planning Guides which cover a wide range of advice and planning policy issues including housing in the countryside; commenting on or objecting to a planning proposal and the planning system. 

Our planning advice work is part-funded by the Department for Infrastructure.  Only people and community groups who meet our criteria for disadvantage are eligible for free advice.  We do not help private businesses or commercial organisations; nor do we help planning consultants, architects, surveyors or anyone with sufficient resources to engage a professional adviser or an agent.  We do not support people or groups who wish to object to social housing.