Planning and Working Together Belfast City Council Toolkit

Who is the Planning and Working Together Toolkit for?

This Toolkit will help local groups to plan and work better together for the whole community. It’s designed to benefit smaller local groups who want to increase their collaboration and joint work with similar groups.

Why plan and work together?

When local community groups and representatives actively work together to shape projects and services in their communities the outcomes are positive for all.

Tackling persistent, what are often described as ‘wicked’ and complex issues requires greater co-operation and collaborative working between a range of partners at the local and council wide level. This Toolkit will support communities, local organisations and council staff to explore and identify opportunities for greater joint working at a time of great change.

About the Toolkit

The Toolkit focuses on practical skills and learning and will help local groups to build on their experience and develop the knowledge and techniques to strengthen joint working and planning in local neighbourhoods. The materials contained in the toolkit were tested during a series of community development training workshops held across Belfast

in Spring 2014. Feedback on the materials from participants and discussions at the workshops have refined and enriched the content of the toolkit.

How to use the Toolkit

The Toolkit is intended to be used as a flexible resource. You can dip in and out of it time and time again, as your project or working together moves forward; as the context changes; or as new opportunities to plan and work together with others arise.

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