Unpacking the Values, Principles and Standards

The purpose of this document is to provide PB projects with a way of identifying which values, principles and standards they have adopted in their process, and to what extent. It’s not a requirement that PB processes adopt all values to their fullest extent. However, they are designed to help ensure projects get maximum benefit from a PB process. The values, principles and standards demonstrate good practice. The matrices in this document were developed to help projects identify direction of travel, but not to provide an overly prescriptive model. We have provided a case study of a project which demonstrates good practice for each value, to provide a tangible example of how the values can be incorporated into a process.

The adoption of the values, principles and standards set PB within the community development and empowerment arena, helping to guard against people paying ‘lip service’ to PB to ‘tick a box’ without any real intention of empowering communities.

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