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As each PB process is unique, 
the purpose of the Charter is to offer guiding points to support you to plot and navigate your own PB course.

The Charter has been developed to:

  • ensure local communities are at the heart of every 
PB process
  • highlight the features of what ‘good’ PB looks like
  • provide clarity on what to expect of a PB process
  • support the planning and design of quality PB processes
  • support the reflection on and improvement of PB practice

Who is the PB Charter for?

The Charter is for anyone who is planning, designing, supporting or taking part in a PB process.

How was the PB Charter Developed?

The Charter has been developed and shaped through a number of online and in-room workshops with people who have been doing PB across the region. Thank you to everyone who shared their experience and participated in shaping the content of the Charter.

The Charter presents 9 key features to support quality PB

Each PB process should be unique, planned and designed to reflect the local context and to respond to the needs of the community.

People are supported to get and stay involved in the PB process.

All voices have the opportunity to have their say and be heard on how public resources are spent.

Information and processes are clear and open helping to build trust in the process.

Spaces are created to bring people together to share ideas, to discuss what is important to their community and to decide together how best to spend resources.

People in the community make key decisions about the process. The final decision on how the resource is allocated is always made by people in the community.

Through shared experience and community action something real is produced which responds to local needs and invigorates a sense of connection. You can see, sense, or touch it.

People learn from and reflect throughout the process, sharing with others to refine PB practice.

Leadership and commitment from local and central government embeds PB as part of investing in a healthy participative democracy.


The following documents and resources relate to the Community Places PB Charter.

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Download the PB Charter

PDF: 4.81 MB
The Charter is for anyone who is planning, designing, supporting or taking part in a PB process.
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Worksheet 1

PDF: 3.13 MB
Planning & Designing 
for Quality PB
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Worksheet 2

PDF: 4.23 MB
Reflecting on the quality of PB achieved
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PB Charter Videos

Introducing the PB Charter

PB Charter – Vox Pops

PB Charter – Vox Pops with Subtitles

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The PB Works Network is free and open to anyone who 
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Network members are invited to contribute their ideas, learning and enthusiasm to advance PB across the region.

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