Planning Advice Outreach (Derry/Londonderry)

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February 20, 2024

Free Planning Advice for People and Communities

Our next drop-in planning advice outreach session will be held on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 in the Holywell Building (10-12 Bishop Street, Derry).

Our Planning Advice Service is part-funded by the Department for Infrastructure and enables us to provide free, confidential, impartial planning advice to people and communities who cannot afford to pay a private consultant.

The advice session will run from 12 noon to 3.00 pm – it would be helpful if you could call in advance to make an appointment (on 07783 649288).  We can give advice on:

  • how the planning system works;
  • what stage your Local Development Plan is at;
  • whether you need planning permission;
  • how to comment on a proposal that may on your home or community; and
  • your council’s decision making process.

If you’re not able to drop into Holywell, you can also contact us for advice by telephone (028 9023 9444 or 07783 649288) or by email


Image Credit: K Mitch Hodge for Unsplash

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