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Participatory Budgeting

We began our work to promote Participatory Budgeting (PB) and raise awareness of its potential in 2017 and we are now focusing on developing good practice, networking practitioners and making the case for mainstreaming it across the region.  With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund we are currently working with partners in developing a Charter for PB which will support the development of PB processes which are co-designed with citizens, reflect the local context and genuinely empower people and communities to have a direct say in how public funds are allocated.  

More information on PB including resources and case studies is available on our dedicated PB website Participatory Budgeting Works.   

We provide a range of expert advice and support services to community groups, councils and statutory agencies who are interested in Participatory Budgeting including:

  • capacity building to share accumulated expertise and learning on how PB has been successful in other jurisdictions and how increased community involvement in decision making has made a real difference;
  • help with planning and designing a PB process (including advice on applying PB principles and learning from others);
  • guiding and mentoring groups through a PB process;
  • facilitating networking opportunities to allow interested people to meet and learn from others’ experiences of PB.